Monday, February 6, 2012

Meet Bosco

Our adorable furry four legged super spoiled child.  

Favorite activities include:  sleeping, eating, going on walks, treats, sleeping, lounging in the sun, playing fetch or chase, sleeping, begging for treats, getting lots of attention, swimming in the summer, playing with Logan, and sleeping.

Here are a couple photos to document the above.


Playing with Logan

Lounging in the sun

Begging for treats 

Last week I had to take Bosco to the vet for his yearly checkup.  Poor thing was shaking to death as soon as we walked in.  Made me sad!  Everything looked great except....little Bosco has put on a couple lbs in the past year.  Maybe too many treats?  Too much table food? (yes we are bad parents), Being too lazy? We (mostly hubby) take Bosco on several short walks throughout the day but since the vet recommended increasing his exercise....I am making an effort to take him on longer walks.  Day one of "Bosco get your skinny on" began last week with a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood.  He LOVES to go on walks and was super exited the whole time because he even got to see his girlfriend, Sadie!  When we got back, however, he barely made it in the door to his water bowl before he collapsed on the floor: 

Poor thing!  He didn't see that one coming but has since built up a little stamina because after multiple walks last week and today's walk, he made it all the way inside to his favorite resting spot:  the leather chair.  Big accomplishment for little Bosco!