Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello Yellow

Who else is loving the 65+ degree weather we are having in Memphis right now?  Even though we have not had much of a Winter yet, which is perfectly fine by me, the warmer weather this week is making me want Spring to hurry up and get here.  I love all the pretty Spring colors that are popping into retail stores.  My favorite would have to be yellow. 

1.  Loft- - Seed Dot Print Blouse
2.  Nordstrom- - Caslon Lace Stripe Tank
3.  JC Penny - - Ceylon Yellow Blouse
4.  Kate Spade - - Shimmer Triple Chain Necklace
5.  The Limited - - Pocket Pleated Skirt
6.  Anthropologie- - Pressed Lutea Skirt
7.  Anthropologie- - Mala Wingtop Heels


  1. I love yellow, so I'm happy to see so much of it in magazines and stores!

  2. I almost bought the yellow JCP shirt this week! ha. It's really cute in person.