Friday, October 22, 2010

At Your Service

I. love. shopping. Not only do I love shopping for myself, I also enjoy helping pick out clothes or outfits for friends and family. Since I have no one to use as my "project" for today, (any volunteers for future post?!?!?) I am going to put together an outfit for who ever will listen. :)

Skirt: Quiet Approach
Sweater: Summer's Reminder Cardi
Bag: Tara Double Handle
Bootie: Report 'Ariella' Bootie
Tights: Herringbone Tights


  1. So cute! You can put together outfits for me anytime... Oh wait, you already do :)

  2. Holly - I loved reading at your service part 1 and 2! How about a project for me? I need something cute to wear to a Christmas party and/or New Years Eve post baby. So something cute that will hide my leftover baby jiggle that's not too expensive (will be watching our pennies as I will be on maternity leave). Up to it!? Haha

  3. Holly- I'm a friend of Heather C's and found your blog through her blog. Absolutely LOVE the outfits you put together! This is the sort of thing I've been looking for! I have an afternoon wedding I'm attending in a few weeks in NV that I have no idea what to wear to! My husband is in the wedding, so I need to look fab too, right? Like Heather I am at home with my son right now, so I'm also on a budget too :) Any suggestions?