Friday, July 30, 2010

The Cousar Casa

When Jason and I first started looking at houses, I told him my unrealistic? ideal house would: be between Yates and Perkins and Poplar and Walnut Grove, not be on a busy street, have a fenced in back yard so Bosco could run around, have big trees in the front yard, 3 (preferably 4) bedrooms with 2.5 baths, an open kitchen/living area, a formal dining room with separate breakfast area, a carport or garage, a separate laundry room...and I think that's it. Was that too much to ask?? While I didn't think I would get everything on my list I was hopeful to find in my mind a house that was close to perfect. Can you believe my hubby found a house with all of the above criteria?? Me either!! didn't have all of the criteria but it wasn't something that sledge hammers, plumbers, electricians, brick masons, painters, carpenters, knocking out walls, completely moving the kitchen, turning a closet in to a 1/2 bath and a hard working hubby couldn't do!

When I look back on how fast everything came together, I am still amazed. They (meaning the short list of people mentioned above) completely renovated our house in a mere 6 weeks.

Before and After Pictures:

This area is now the Kitchen:
Breakfast Area:

Living Room:

Hope you have a great weekend and do something to stay cool!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hello Blogworld...

elcome!! So, I finally caved and decided to create a blog. I absolutely love blogs about decorating, cooking, and fashion and since a lot of my friends have them I thought....why not?

Running in Stilettos....I have actually been known to do this before (successfully) and feel like the title fits my life right now because it seems that I am always running literally or figuratively.